During any criminal case, prosecutors have to base their decisions on whatever evidence law enforcement collects. A common technique among defense attorneys is to challenge “the chain of custody,” a term that refers to the paper trail law enforcement maintains for any piece of evidence. Who collected it? Who booked it into evidence? Did officers secure a search warrant first? Law enforcement agencies typically create inventory lists to document whatever items they seize from a scene.

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To be fair, the UCLA defense did have a few doctor’s notes. Defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa watched the game in street clothes, linebacker Kenny Young and safeties Adarius Pickett and Jaleel Wadood were hurt during the game, and linebacker Josh Woods was ejected in the fourth quarter for targeting. Woods’ ejection means he will have to sit out the first half of the Bruins’ game against Memphis next weekend..

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The community of learners model has particular benefits. These are greater co ordination with others, responsibility for one s own learning and motivation., ( Rogoff 1994; Rogoff et al 1996; Rogoff 1998). The degree to which the community acts as a whole, and individual s respond to each other in a mutual, co operative manner, determines therefore how satisfying and effective the learning environment will be.

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Clenching and grinding your teeth (bruxism) when you’re under stress can wreak havoc with your oral health. Grinding can cause teeth to crack or break, which may require repair with crowns or root canals. It can also result in damage to the jaw joint in the form of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), says Justin Philipp, who has a dental practice in Chandler, Ariz.